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Big Linen Towel. White with Pleats

SKU: SR021
Brand: KOOS
Delivery time: 3-7 days
24,00 €
45,00 €

Bath and sauna towel is made of natural linen and cotton fabric. As to its corrugated surface, it does not need ironing and is machine washable. Fabric is prewashed, does not shrink anymore and absorbs well.

It is woven in double: its corrugated side is fluffy and upper side holds its shape.

Towel size: 50 x 100 cm. Hanger is made of cotton and is 7 cm long.

Colour: natural white.

Composition: 85% linen, 15% cotton.

Weaving: corrugated.

Finishing: washed, tumble dried, doesn't shrink anymore.

Machine washable in 40 degrees and no ironing needed.



suurus 50 x 100 cm