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Linen Men's Dress, blue with diagonal pattern

SKU: MK_angel
Brand: KOOS
Delivery time: 3-7 päeva
225,00 €

 Dress with big pockets for men!

No more wearing uncomfortable pants and shirts on a warm summer day! We made you a dress :)

The dress is made of 100% washed linen fabric, which is a natural material and allows the body to breathe. Pleasantly soft and practical even after the sauna.

Dress measurements: back 120 cm, bust 130 cm, sleeve length 60 cm, shoulder 20 cm, collar width 3 cm

Material: 100% linen

Color: blue, diagonal pattern

2 large pockets, 3 metal buttons

The fabric has been pre-washed and softened, so you can safely wash it in the washing machine without changing the appearance or size of the dress.

We have thoughts, we have posture, we made it TOGETHER.
suurus M/L