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Linen Apron with Leather Details

SKU: P042
Brand: KOOS
Delivery time: 3-7
59,00 €


Linen herringbone fabric apron with leather details is unique and practical. The apron has a pocket and a leather belt, between which you can put a towel.

The leather details are made from material left over from the production of leather furniture. From pieces that are too small for furniture production.

Size: width 68 cm, height 82 cm

Material: 100% linen

Color: black/grey herringbone pattern

Details: cowhide

The fabric part of the apron can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees.

NB: remove the leather parts before washing, as they may stain.

We have thoughts, we have posture, we made it TOGETHER.

suurus 68 x 82 cm