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Linen Sauna Seat Cover. Long, Gray with Pleats

SKU: RU031
Brand: KOOS
Delivery time: 3-7 days
49,00 €

Long and comfortable cover for sauna seat!

The cover is made of natural gray linen and cotton fabric. As to its corrugated surface, it does not need ironing and is machine washable. The fabric is prewashed and does not shrink anymore. 

Size: 52 x 152 cm

Composition: 85% linen, 15% cotton

Colour: natural gray

Weaving: corrugated

Care: It is easy to take care of it. Wash the textile separately at 40°C on a gentle cycle in plenty of water. Do not spin dry. Avoid softener and bleach. Reshape and dry. Do not tumble dry. Linen fibers may come off the product during the wash. The color of natural linen becomes lighter with washing. No ironing needed.


 Linen is an ecological choice that will only get better over time. 


suurus 52 x 152 cm