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KOOSdisain's (together design) passion is textiles and sustainable living. We are Nordic style home textiles brand, which uses traditional materials in a modern way, while producing as little waste as possible during the process.

We have two lines. Our ready-made products are suitable for livingrooms, bedrooms and for the kitchens. The collection includes plaids, bedcovers, pillows, towels, bath skirts, handbags, cushions and other home textiles. Our textile products are made of linen fabric. All the fabrics are pre-washed, so the products do not shrink, do not change their size and are therefore mild and absorbent. They are also easy to maintain, they can be washed in a washing machine and they do not need ironing.

As a second line we use leather. Leather comes from furniture manufactures as leftovers. The pieces that are too small for the furniture, will have the form as oven mittens, pot holders, coasters and even aprons. This line was created in the belief of reducing waste.

KOOSdisain is maintained by Anu Rajamäe and Kerly Kaljuste. Both are graduates of EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts; Textile department) and of Tallinn University of Technology`s Colledge of Economics.

We also make curtains and other home décor elements when ordered. Just send us an email to info(at)koosdisain.ee and let us know what You have in mind.


Koosdisain OÜ

Atelier studio:       Luise 36, Tallinn 10142 
                             Anu Rajamäe +372 56602596
                             Kerly Kaljuste +372 5226477 

E-mail:                  info(at)koosdisain.ee
Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/KOOSdisain

Reg. Number:      12633747 
VAT nr:                 EE101706559
SEB Bank:           EE981010220230122227